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Work alongside our globally awarded strategists and subject experts to develop class-leading brand strategy that is built for evolving markets.

/ Why Legion?

We believe that the most potent brand strategies benefit from the insights of leaders in complementary fields. Legion’s Specialist Leads, from cutting-edge fields, craft brand strategy enriched by insights, carving out distinct and definable white spaces for our clients’ brands to own.

/ Brand Evolution

As a brand evolves, the need for a robust brand strategy becomes crucial. A well-defined strategy helps navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, aligning the brand with market demands and emerging opportunities. A solid brand strategy is essential for any brand aiming for successful growth in today’s dynamic market


Brand Strategy - Market Expansion

Market Expansion

Brand Strategy - Mergers

Mergers and Acquisitions

Product Expansion


Brand Refresh

Brand Strategy - Portfolio Architecture

Portfolio Architecture

Brand Strategy - Pivot


/ Brand Strategy

We build brand strategies that move beyond the confines of traditional brand communication.

A brand strategy that extends past the limitations of mere communication, exploring diverse opportunities to enhance your brand’s value. We delve beneath the surface to establish robust foundational principles tailored to your business. By immersing ourselves in understanding your brand’s purpose, target audience, and competitive environment, we craft a distinctive positioning that connects with your customers. Simultaneously, we investigate the pathway to increase the tangible worth of your brand experience.

Focus Areas

– Market Paradigm Analysis
– Brand Architecture
– Portfolio Portfolio Strategy
– Brand Differentiation and Positioning
– Brand Identity, Behaviours and Culture
– Value Proposition
– Brand Personality and Archtypes
– Growth Opportunities
– Go-To Market Principles

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/ Our Experience

Our team’s experience runs deep across many industries including resources, commercial, banking and insurance, airline, fintech, entertainment, FMCG, tourism, airlines, telecoms and many start-ups.